South Dakota Discover Center’s Rile Rowse leads summer readers into the mobile planetarium where she told them the story of the constellations Hercules and Draco. The planetarium was the last event in the ‘far out’ space themed ‘Universe of Stories’ summer reading program. Librarian Jackie Aspelin read aloud each of the program days, and students worked on a mural of planets and stars.

The Sully Area Library summer reading program ‘A Universe of Stories’ concluded Thursday with a visit from the South Dakota Discovery Center’s digital planetarium.

SDDC staff member Rile Rowse led readers on a digital exploration of the night skies. Rowse explained that there are ten constellations in Lakota tradition, and went on to share four of the eighty-eight Greek myths behind some of the most visible constellations in the local skies.

After hearing the myths behind the constellations Ursa Major (the Big Dipper), Ursa Minor (the Little Dipper), Hercules, and Cassiopeia, summer readers explored the planets in our solar system, visited the moon, and learned about the colliding Andromeda and Milky Way galaxies.