Harmony Cook making pancakes.

As directed by South Dakota Governor Kristi Noem, ABO along with public schools across the state was closed this week.

The Farries family used the time away from school to take on several improvement projects, including laying flooring. “We’re going to take advantage of the workforce,” said Kim Farries. “Each day I hope to get a project done. Flooring, cleaning the boys’ closets and dressers, etc. Then, Dave wants them for taking down grain bins later this week.”

At the Jonas home, it was “Life as usual other than Paige being out of school.”

Austin, Moriah and Gus Gross have been “doing a lot of reading, spring cleaning and I’ve been teaching private music lessons via FaceTime. Oh, and praying,” Moriah adds.

In West Sully, Jonathan and Harmony Cook kept busy baking cookies, making slime, cooking pancakes, and drawing dog man.