By Justin Davey

Following the counting of days before graduation, like many classes do, the split senior class switched between Psychology and Capstone, so a new group of students were to be trained in professional business standards such as portfolios, life skills and internships.

As in first semester, each classmate was tasked with interviewing an industry professional for their Career Fair presentaationsw, obtaining information on the career they wish to pursue in college. Professionals interviewed ranged widely from in-town professionals to college teachers.

Following the interviewing session, students were tasked with creating boards with all of the information they had obtained from their experience with the industry professionals. Gracie Olivier, Nurse Practitioner; JJ Soderholm, Construction; Justin Davey Animimation; Karissa Osterkamp,Massage Therapy; Landon Severson, Precision Technology; Lane Myers, Kitchen assistant; Logan Chambers,Taxidermy, Sedric Perkins, Law; and Teagan Jost, Pipeline Welding.

Parents and students were invited into the multipurpose room where students gave a speech about the valuable information such as education required, salaries,hours, and skills acquired for their selected careers.

Capstone is a final assignment to help students synthesize and demonstrate what they’ve learned through their studies.