The dumpster area by the city shop is for household garbage only.

There have been many complaints as of late with all the garbage that is in the city dumpsters. Why is there so much garbage there? For all you that have been given totes for your garbage please use the totes. There are rural customers who pay the garbage fee, bring their trash to the dumpsters, and are not able to use the dumpsters as they are too full. The dumpster area is for household garbage only. This does not include appliances, bicycles, toys, wood, furniture etc. We have a landfill for these items that you get to use free of charge as long as you are already paying a garbage fee with the City of Onida.

There is a cardboard receptacle to use next to the dumpsters. Please put all your cardboard in this area. There are also places to put your aluminum cans and papers/magazines if you so desire.

For those that bring in their garbage from outside of the city limits, there is a garbage fee. The City of Onida has to pay to have garbage taken to the Pierre landfill. Stop at the Onida city office and arrange a billing cycle. If we see you bring in garbage, we will start billing you so why not do it now before you get caught? This goes for people that bring in their garbage and throw it into your employer’s dumpsters also.

If you need another tote, call River Bottom Refuse at 605-222-1120.