Sully Buttes SPED Instructor Cherie Hill accepts the contribution from the Ruth Bayne Trust from Trustee Mike Owens.

Sully County’s Ruth Bayne lives on through the regular contributions her Trust makes to help others, including the ABO School.

Bayne, a Kentucky native, married Sully County resident Ervin Bayne in 1964, and moved to rural Sully County. After losing her husband in 1999, she continued to live on their farm very independently until her passing in 2013.

Having no children, but an obvious generous spirit, Bayne’s legacy exists through assisting good and charitable causes. Most recently, Bayne’s trust contributions to the South Dakota Community Foundation (SDCF) resulted in a gift to the ABO School District to assist with the Special Education Department.

Sully Buttes Special Education instructor Cherie Hill described a need within the school’s independent living program, and, Michael Owens, Trustee and President of Sunrise Bank Dakota, helped fill that need.

Owens delivered a check from the SDCF from Bayne’s contribution in the sum of $2500.00 to assist Hill with the school’s independent living program. The focus of the program is to help certain students learn basic life necessities. Not every student may be destined for professional degrees or post-secondary education. Some simply are in need training to self-maintain: learning to cook; learning to take care of themselves; learning to maintain an apartment; and learning life skills.

The main purchase that is being made with the donation is a washer/dryer combo. It will be located in the high school wing, and will be used for a variety of laundering purposes.

“I am excited to get this, as it will expand our independent living activities to actual laundry vs just talking about these skills. This will also help support what the students are doing in their homes in this area as well,” said Hill. “I appreciate all that Ruth Bayne Trustees Emily Sovell and Mike Owens have done to help us secure these funds for our program.”