Seniors Zach Farries (Escort) Jill Hofer, Gracie Olivier, Karissa Osterkamp, and Rafe Wientjes (Escort)

It was with their usual panache that Sully County young women applying for the Sully County Snow Queen title and scholarship took part in the 2021 Sully County Snow Queen program at the Emmanuel Mennonite Brethren Church on Saturday, November 14.

The program is normally held on the Sully Buttes stage, but the change of venue and the scaling down of the program itself did not dampen the celebratory atmosphere. When the thirty-five minute program concluded, Jill Hofer had been named Sully County Snow Queen and Lilly Paxton had been named Sully County Junior Snow Queen. Stevie Wittler was the Sully County Junior Snow Queen first runner-up. By a vote of the pageant participants, Karissa Osterkamp was named Miss Congeniality for her helpfulness throughout the day of practice.