Traditional pen and paper ink art by Dohrion Eisterhold

Dohrion is both a traditional and digital artist from Blunt, and creates most of his works from the comfort of his own home, via the gentle strokes of a digital pen on a Huion Kamvas Pro 20 drawing tablet.

Dohrion’s growing interest in art started in the sixth grade, and continued to evolve since then. He has experimented with multiple different types of creative expression, all of which he enjoyed greatly.

“I’ve done many different types of art before through all of the art classes I’ve taken,” said Dohrion, “some of the ones, at least what I can remember, are pencil sketching, ink drawing, pen drawing, silkscreening, acrylic painting, watercolor, 3D printing, colored pencils, linoleum painting, and animation and digital drawing, which are the only two forms that I have not done through the art classes throughout my junior high and high school years.”

Upon pursuing art skills, a light switch was switched on in his head. As the time passed in his elementary art classes, during a project he worked on, he realized that he had grown more attached to drawing, leading him to continue to self-teach himself art skills.

“I hope to be able to improve on my digital drawing and coloring skills,” said Dohrion, “as well as my ability to do animations, mainly because I plan to pursue those aspects as a job in the future.”