Perhaps the 1985 Watchman crew was inspired by this story from July 1950 to create the ‘Watchman on the Road’ photo feature.

 On the road or at home, The Onida Watchman keeps readers informed. A popular photo feature, the Watchman on the Road, follows readers on their travels to places close to home, off the beaten path, and abroad.

Then publisher Parker Knox says the notion for the feature just “popped into somebody's head one day, mine or my wife's or one of the gals at the office.”

In his ‘Watchword’ column of June 13, 1985 Parker explained the feature and asked to receive ‘pictures of subscribers shown reading this paper in unusual settings far away—on the desert in Arizona, on the beach in Waikiki, in front of Old Faithful at Yellowstone Park, astraddle the border at the International Peace Gardens, atop the Empire State Building, in front of the castle at Disney World, etc.’ He further advised readers that their pictures should include ‘someone reading or holding up a recognizable copy of The Watchman’ and ‘something that indicates where it was taken.’

He concluded his column announcing the feature with, ‘We'll start this series of unique pictures of our subscribers reading this paper in faraway places as soon as we get some. Start snapping those pictures! Who will be first to submit one? A further note to local folk: when you are going somewhere this summer, take a copy of The Watchman with you so you can enter your picture in this series, too!’

The Watchman on the Road feature first appeared in the pages of the Watchman with the picture sent in by Dennis and Denice Rilling holding the Watchman in front of the railroad depot at Disneyland in Anaheim, CA. In his column of July 5 Parker related, ‘As you can see by the picture elsewhere in this issue, Dennis and Denice Rilling are the first to send us a picture of themselves reading The Watchman in some far-out place. In their case, it's Disneyland. Way to go, kids! Will you be next? Take a copy of the paper along wherever you go this summer, put some scenery in the background, and let us borrow the picture. We have reports that several others have left on trips and have taken copies of The Watchman with them. We're looking forward to their photographs.’

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