2020 OLYMPIAN DAYS ROYAL COURT: Back – Landon Severson, Zach Farries, Garrett Petersen, Rafe Wientjes; middle – Gracie Dimmitt, Karissa Osterkamp, Jill Hofer, Gracie Olivier; front – Ashlynn  Barber, Brandon Iron Shell, Aime Moreno, and Austin Jacquot

Monday kicked off the start of homecoming week as well as the 2020 coronation for this year’s seniors. Everything around the world has been done differently this year, and coronation is no different, as this year's coronation was renamed to “Corona-ation,” swiping the name from the ongoing coronavirus pandemic and making use of it in a clever renaming.

It wouldn’t be a “Corona-ation” without all of the guidelines and regulations in place, so this year the seats were separated to be six feet apart and wearing of masks and social distancing was greatly encouraged.

Mallory Wiley and Griffin Petersen were the masters of ceremony, and welcomed everybody to the coronation. Once the welcoming was over, the drums started rolling as Blaine Duffel sprinted onto the gym floor, torch in hand.

After the light was lit, the royal escort Sedric Perkins walked out to the center of the stage as train bearers Ashlynn Barber, Aime Moreno, Austin Jacquot and Brandon Iron Shell followed.

The royalty candidates were then introduced as they walked from the left and right sides of the gym to the middle, moving onto the main floor. Each candidate had a signature handshake with another candidate.

Before Royalty winners were announced, coaches of the Sully Buttes sports teams introduced their players. Coach Sieck introduced the Cross Country team, Coach Hockenbary introduced the Volleyball team, Coach Aspelin introduced the Cheerleaders, and Coach Seftner introduced the Football team.

Without further ado, Garrett Petersen was crowned emperor, and Jill Hofer was crowned empress!

Hands were clapped, pictures were taken, and the iconic letters were lit after coronation. The sheets wrapped for burning of the letters this year were donated by Kelli Stephens from the Wheatland Inn.