Arianna Hill pokes her head outside the smoke-filled trailer for a breath of fresh air.

Onida firefighters Danielle Rausch and Brian Ring spent Tuesday morning working with Onida elementary students on fire safety.

Rausch took students through a simple Q&A, reminding them that matches and lighters aren’t toys and encouraging families to develop a fire plan. The winners of the Onida Fire Department’s Fire Prevention Week coloring contest were announced and awarded certificates for pizza and pop at The Corner. Students chimed in when Rausch gave them the ‘Stop, Drop and Roll’ prompt and knew to call 9-1-1 in an emergency.

Ring brought groups of students through a smoke trailer so they could see how hard it would be to figure out an escape plan during a fire. “You need to make your plan when you don’t have a fire so you can see,” said Ring.