The spring rocking horses are among the playground equipment being replaced.

Onida’s very own city playground has been around for a long while, slowly becoming a blast from the past from Onida’s earlier years. However, the past doesn’t last forever, as seen by the breakdown of the merry-go-round.

Because of the run-down equipment, City Council member Brooke Jacquot has spearheaded an effort to to renovate certain sections of the park in the near future.

“After the merry-go-round broke, it was brought to our attention that there were things that needed updating,” said Jacquot. “The merry-go-round is an old favorite!”

Jacquot says that new equipment is being selected from a catalog, as the city has a budget for park equipment. “We’ve talked about possibly accepting donations to cover costs, but this project will mainly fall on the city budget.” says Jacquot.

A final plan for what will go and what will stay is still in development.