By Justin Davey

Wanda Meyer, ABO’s creative, crafty teacher and wise psychologist has been officially nominated ABO’s 2021 Teacher of the Year.

“The ABO school system has so many outstanding, passionate, and creative educators who challenge, inspire, and support their students every day,” said Meyer, “I am humbled, but very proud to be considered as one of these.”

Meyer teaches Kindergarten through Fourth grade art in the Blunt center, Kindergarten through Sixth grade and high school art, high school computer graphics, and psychology in the Onida center. She is also the Junior class advisor and advisor of the Student Council.

When it comes to managing her classes, to Meyer, “Some days are easy, while others are hard. It is a plus that I have taught almost all of the students since they were in Kindergarten. We get to know and respect each other through the years. Organization helps. Lists, calendars, post-it notes, routine, labeled shelves and boxes for my own organized chaos keeps me on track.

Aside from the honor of receiving such an award, Meyer also plans to retire from teaching after the last quarter of the 2021 school year.

“I don’t have any specific plans, but I’ll make sure that reading books for fun and painting pictures that won’t need to be used as an example in my art class will be included,” said Meyer, “Who knows… I may become the new Bob Ross!”

Before her departure, Meyer offers a solid piece of advice for any potential newcomers to teaching.

“Listen, learn, challenge, inspire, and support your fellow staff and students,” said Meyer, “and never be afraid to ask for help or advice, because you can learn from anyone of any age. Most important of all, enjoy the teaching experience.”

Lastly, Meyer notes that teaching K-12 at ABO has been a wonderful ride.

“I get the opportunity to see the same students grow from being barely able to print their names in Kindergarten to watching them mature into successful young adults,” said Meyer, “and even teach with some of them. The staff and community members have made my forty-two years at ABO schools a wonderful experience.”