Cloverbuds and Rock Stars 4-H Club members had a day camp this summer to make items to enter in the fair. Most are also baking or making items at home to exhibit also.

Clover Buds leader Jackie Yackley relates that the week leading up to the Sully County Fair is very busy for 4-H club members

“The 4-H club did quite a few projects in meetings to enter in the fair, so now we just have to try to find all those things we made and make any needed repairs,” said Jackie. The 4-Hers did about a half dozen ‘in club’ projects. The clubs also held a day camp for completing projects. Whenever the club completed their projects, 4-H leader Darcy Keiser gave the 4-Hers the information they needed to fill out their paper work and a directive to get their entry forms filled out, but Jackie says that’s another thing that gets left to the last minute. “They all hate the paperwork.”

Jackie says she has hanging on her refrigerator a list of what needs to be done, and “nothing has been checked off.”

“Baking,” said Jackie. “We’ve gotta be baking. We’ve been busy trying to fit that into our nights.”

In addition to the work on their individual projects, club members met on Tuesday to clean up the 4-H building. “All of those cases have been removed, so it’s going to look different.”

Plans in the works include making the booths on the north wall of the 4-H building available to the ten members of the Clover Buds for displaying their exhibits. Jackie also says that each individual’s projects will be displayed together to make them easier to find.

Jackie recalls some of her own modge podge projects being still a bit tacky when she entered them in the fair and sewing buttons on the night before or “on the way into town.”

“It’s always the same, everyone scurrying to get last minute projects done amid other fair things,” said Jackie. “It’s always fun. We just gotta get these projects done.”