An element of refurbishing the basketball court will be naming the floor in honor of former coach Mark Senftner, who passed away in October of 2022. Senftner coached football and girls basketball for 17 years at Sully Buttes School, and his wife Lynn an...

At their January meeting, the Agar-Blunt-Onida school board approved the plan presented by the gym committee for updating the Sully Buttes main and multipurpose room gymnasiums. A highlight of the plan is naming the court in the main gym for Mark Senftner, the thoughtful teacher and coach who mentored and cared for thousands of students who passed away last October.

The committee presented to the board cost estimates provided by First Dakota Enterprises for refinishing floors, relocating logos, incorporating logos into the floor design, updating heating and cooling systems, installing the new scoreboard which has already been paid for through private donations, and painting walls. It was noted that it has been thirty years since the gymnasium was last painted.

ABO Superintendent Orion Thompson says that pending bids for the project, work on painting the gym will start as soon as the winter sports season comes to a close. Painting the gym is the first step in the refurbishing project; work on refinishing the floors will not get underway until after the gym is painted.

The new scoreboard will feature players numbers on the floor for both home and visitor teams, along with individual points and fouls, individualized and personalized team names for home and visiting teams, time outs available, along with game time, quarter game is in, and player foul and number of fouls. Local artisan Jordyn Eide of Signature Steel Design will fabric the words Sully Buttes and Chargers for installation around the scoreboard.

Bids will be sought for the project which is estimated to cost $137,258. The gym committee is comprised of Megan Jaeger, board member; Cheri Wittler, board member; Clark Jordre, community member; Alan Birney, booster club/community member; Vicki Lentz, teacher/activities supervisor; Brian White, activities director/tech coordinator; Jeremy Chicoine, secondary principal; and Orion Thompson, superintendent.