The Blunt Fest Logo

By Justin Davey

Amidst the COVID-19 pandemic, events around the world have been canceled so that Americans can keep a social distance to prevent the spread of the virus. One notable area event that recently underwent cancellation was 2020’s Blunt Fest, a celebration that brought musicality and rhythm to the town of Blunt.

Valerie Marso, member of the Blunt Fest Committee, said that it was “the responsible thing to do,  both financially and for the community in respect to the need for social distancing, especially with COVID-19 still around.”

The decision to cancel Blunt Fest was made by the committee at their June 23 meeting. Marso says that  the committee was concerned that either Blunt Fest would take a financial hit because of low attendance or the community would take a COVID hit because of high attendance.

Blunt Fest will, however, continue in 2021 next year, with the band Judd Hoos making their debut in the city.

“It was a difficult decision,” said Marso, “we did not take it lightly, but we hope to be back, bigger and better in 2021.”