The four members of 'Attaboy', (from left to right): Jeff Edgel, Ryan Payne, Melanie Morris, and Christian Morris.

Band concerts and tours have been canceled throughout the year due to the COVID-19 pandemic, but amongst the bump in the road came a workaround for artists and bands around the world: virtual concerts.

Virtual concerts have proven to be a great compromise and a huge success, as shown by enormous populations around the world being present at such concerts via various streaming services and video games.

For the ABO school district, the school managed to squeeze in a virtual concert from the popular band Attaboy for the Sully Buttes classes to enjoy within the comfort of their own classrooms on Monday, November 16.

'Attaboy' is a four-person indie pop band based in Huntington, Indiana. The band has gone on tour in over 36 states and three countries; the United States, Canada, and Europe. The band consists of lead vocalist Ryan Payne, guitar and synth player Jeff Edgel, bassist and background vocalist Melanie Morris, and drummer Christian Morris.

The concert was live-streamed throughout every classroom in both the middle school and high school. The band started off by playing a cover of ‘High Hopes’ by Panic! At the Disco. After the song, lead singer Payne shared a story about a bullying scene he had witnessed, and talked about how people do not need to create negative assumptions based on appearance.

The band then performed their own, original songs titled ‘Waking Up’, ‘Everything Matters’, and ‘Never Going Back.’ Throughout the concert, Payne continued to share stories of his life that influenced him to spread positive messages to people around the world, such as rejecting alcohol and leaving past mistakes behind.

After the concert was over, three of the band members held a questions and answers session via Zoom, where people throughout the school district were able to ask questions and get answers from Ryan, Jeff and Melanie. One commonly asked question was the origin of the band name.

“Attaboy is a term for encouragement.” said Ryan.

The Q&A session closed with the powerful statement, “Always remember that your choices matter.”

The band held another virtual concert, ‘The Wild Tour: Virtual Edition’, on the same day at 8:00 p.m.