The Kindergarten class snapped a picture during the beautiful outdoor day after they were announced as winners.

Imagine Learning has been promoting the enjoyment of learning and the right to fulfill the potential of children for more than fifteen years, assisting students in acquiring, developing, and strengthening skills necessary for preparing for college and careers.

Recently, the organization held two contests; The “National Ready, Set… SOLVE!” contest and the “Ready, Set, READ!” contest. Classrooms had to average two or more passed math lessons in the program as well as reach the Imagine Language and Literacy benchmark, and a winner would be randomly selected .

The Kindergarten class of the ABO school district has met both requirements and the class has won a $50 e-gift card of a select choice for each contest. The class also received awards for their achievements. Following the victory was a pizza party, which surely put smiles on the students' faces.