The old truck near the driveway of Mark and Shirley Barber’s farm is an interesting contrast to the modern equipment used for snow removal throughout Sully County.

The early morning hours Monday were filled with the sounds of heavy equipment as county and city plow operators got to work clearing snow from streets and roads.

Soon after sunrise and on a smaller scale, the rest of the community got to work removing snow from sidewalks and driveways using shovels, blades mounted to ATVs, snow blowers, and skidsteers.

Those removing snow from sidewalks on Main and adjacent streets added their accumulation to the windrows piled down the center of the streets.

Snow blower labor saving devices were invented in the 1870s and pressed into use for removing snow from rail beds. By the mid 1920s, after various innovations, the first practical snow blowers were available for general use.

More than 9” of snow fell over Sully County as a result of the weekend storm, and blizzard conditions overnight Saturday caused large drifts to form.