Marla Mosiman and Moriah Gross played soothing melodies as the babies were rocked.

The more than fifty guests at the Presbyterian Women’s Mother’s Day soiree on Sunday celebrated the May holidays of May Day and Mother’s Day.

Present were four 4-generation families: Julie Sutton, Kim Sutton, Amy Muller and Shally Muller; Beverly Zebroski, Tawana Grueb, Karla Kendrick, and Creed Kendrick; Lila Ludwig, Nina Ripley, Desirae Noteboom, and Hailey Ludwig; and Velma Eining, Karen Voorhees, Emily Sovell, and Justice and Josie Sovell.

Marla Mosiman on piano and Moriah Gross on violin provided welcoming music as the guests arrived. A lunch of ribbon sandwiches was enjoyed, and then Sheila Ring, acting as emcee, shared a short history of May Day. Many recalled fondly their own days of exchanging May Day baskets.

Karmen Merrill was the first of the music students to entertain the guests with her pieces invoking time spent in the forest and attention to dynamics. Josie Sovell played a lively tune, swiping her fingers across the keys in a glissando meant to bring to mind going down a waterslide. As the last of the musical guests, Justice Sovell offered a toe-tapping tune with a ragtime vibe.

A few rounds of Mad Libs gave an amusing twist to some standard Mother’s Day stories. Door prizes of outdoor plants and May Day baskets were distributed throughout the program, along with special prizes for children present.

Finally, the babies took center stage in the highlight of the annual event, the rocking of the babies. To soothing tunes played by Marla Mosiman and Moriah Gross, Creed Kendrick was rocked by his mom Karla Kendrick, grandmas Tawana Grueb and Cindy VanderMay, and great-grandma Beverly Zebroski. Peyton Mennenger was rocked by his mom Micaela Mennenger and by his grandma Rory Mennenger. Raymond Huse was rocked by his mom Jamie Chalcraft, grandmas Micaela Huse and Carol Chalcraft and brother Curtis.

The program concluded with what has become tradition, the singing of Blest Be the Tie That Binds accompanied by Marla Mosiman and Moriah Gross.