Via Zoom last Thursday, the Senior Capstone meeting was attended by advisor Vicki Lentz, Kenean Johnson, Lexie Marshall, Kari-Anne Lyons, Avery Weinheimer, Shalie Weinheimer, Angela Guthmiller, Kiley McGee, Kendra Kleven, and Aspen Heath.

One of the many elements of their senior year disrupted by the COVID-19 virus was Senior Capstone presentations. “Due to the change in circumstances, we had to adjust our format for presentations this spring and we decided to present via a Zoom meeting,” said Sully Buttes instructor Vicki Lentz, who teaches the Senior Capstone course. “This format allowed for a large group of people to participate and see the presentations at the same time.”

Making their Senior Capstone presentations were: Kenean Johnson -  Surgical Technician/ Nursing; Kendra Kleven - Hospital Administration; Lexie Marshall - Graphic Design; Avery Weinheimer – Chiropractic; Angela Guthmiller - Radio Broadcasting; Kiley McGee - Radiology/ Medical Lab Technician; Shalie Weinheimer – Dietitian; Kari Anne Lyons - Play Director; and Aspen Heath – Nursing.

“In the end, it turned out very well,” said Lentz.  “The students did an excellent job and once again persevered through a challenging situation.”

Lentz also commented on the contributions of “businesses and staff members who helped and supported our students during this experience.  There are so many people who come together to help our students be successful, and we couldn't do it without their assistance.”