Dakota Plains Energy of Aberdeen is working to locate a wind farm in four East Sully townships: Morton, Cora, Rich Valley, and Fairview

Aberdeen based Dakota Plains Energy along with their partner Terna Energy have been working with landowners in Cora, Fairview, Morton, and Rich Valley townships to assemble the 40,000 acres they need to set up a wind tower farm.

“We developed, built and sold the Campbell County Wind Farm by Pollock,” said Rob Johnson, Dakota Plains Energy Principal. “That was a 94 megawatt project that we completed at the end of 2015.” Johnson says Dakota Plains sold the farm to Consolidated Edison, the utility for New York City.

According to Johnson, Dakota Plains was “looking to do another wind project.” Liking what they saw in Sully County, the company issued invitations to enroll to landowners in the townships with the best potential for producing wind energy.

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