The building where Dakota State Bank was established in 1908.

The stories of the community of Blunt and First Dakota National Bank – formerly Dakota State Bank – have unfolded side by side from the founding of the bank in Blunt in 1908 until its closing at the end of 2019.

Writing about the bank’s history for the Blunt Centennial in 1984, longtime bank president James S. McDaniel wrote about the bank being chartered and then acquired by his grandfather, F.S. McDaniel.

In 1910, Fred S. McDaniel ‘came to Blunt to purchase the Dakota State Bank from W.O. Johnson. The Dakota State Bank had opened for business January 27, 1908.’

Blunt historian John Maciejewski relates that “Old FS, there was no humor to him at all. Everything was dollars and cents,” said John. Repeating an anecdote he had been told John continued. “Dennis ‘Swede’ Larson – a remarkable individual – was telling me that when he was still in grade school, he had an idea that if he got some money, he had a project in mind he needed $50 to get it going,” said John. “When he went to talk to Old FS about it, he ran Swede out of the bank, and Swede decided, ‘when I walked out of that bank, one day I’ll own it.’ Truth is, he owns it right now. When the bank moved to its new location, Swede bought the old building.”

“Old FS toughed out the Dirty Thirties and held that bank together,” said John. “He was tougher than nails.”

James McDaniel’s narrative further relates that his father Stuart served as the Bank Cashier from 1931 until his death in 1967. ‘H.J. [Harry] Glans served as President for several years until 1974,’ when James McDaniel himself became bank President.

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