Justice Sovell, cousin Taytum Voorhees, and Josie Sovell pose with their snow creation. Justice and Josie challenged the community on Monday to build snowmen, pledging $10 to the Sully County courthouse dome restoration project for every snowman built.

After school was called due to the foul weather Monday, Justice and Josie Sovell found other activities to fill their day.

They were on hand at the Sully County Courthouse for the final drawing in the Sully County Historical Society’s reverse raffle fundraiser – in part because they were among the finalists.

The drawing was conducted live on Facebook. As Onida Fire Department Chief Caleb Shepherd drew the names being eliminated from winning, the contest came down to just two remaining tickets, and Justice and Josie were still in the running.

The pair had decided to donate the $1000 prize back to the SCHS in order to see the dome restored and stained glass revealed.

In their concern to see the project to completion since they like the courthouse, and since they couldn’t donate their hoped for $1000 prize, they decided to make a contest out of an activity they had planned for the snowy day: they offered to donate $10 to the dome restoration project for each of the snowmen built that had a picture posted to Facebook. The community’s efforts are pictured on page 12 and at onidawatchman.com

Funds raised through the snow sculpture challenge will be matched by the $90k matching pledge the SCHS received. The SCHS reports that the fundraiser netted $370 for the project which was matched by the donor of the matching pledge up to $90,000.