Seventeen students took part in gathering food, and ended up with several bags and boxes filled with canned goods, packaged foods, cereal, etc. After all of the donated goods were delivered, they were all stacked at the back of Vicki Lentz's classroom kitchen area, which filled approximately one-half of the area with the overabundance of food items.

Students in FCCLA at the ABO school district were involved in this year’s food drive, aiming to refill the community food bank and helping those in need.

Residents who wished to participate in the food drive were prompted to leave donated non-perishable food items on their front steps or porches. At 7:00 p.m. on October 19, the Sully Buttes FCCLA students canvassed the town to collect the items.

The collected goods were then brought back to the classroom of Vicki Lentz, the goods took up nearly an entire section of one of the three kitchen areas in the room.

The food from the food drive will be donated to the local food bank located at the Presbyterian Church.

“We had been told that the food bank was running low with winter coming,” said Vicki Lentz, FCCLA leader, “so it’s a good time to replenish their stores.”

FCCLA collected over 550 items with the help of 17 students.