Karmen Merrill poses with Maverick by Deputy Sheriff Curt Olson’s cop car.
Spending their spring birthdays social distancing has been a challenge for area youngsters, but local emergency responders have stepped up to deliver birthday celebrations that will be long remembered.
Sully County Deputy Sheriff Curt Olson stopped in on Onida second grader Karmen Merrill.
Karmen says that Curt and his dog Maverick are her family friends because she sometimes babysits Maverick. Curt “found out about my birthday, and I got to see Maverick,” said Karmen. “He came down with the light on and the siren, too.”
When Curt pulled up to her home, Karmen says that Maverick “got excited to see me. He doesn’t like to ride in the car,” she added.
Karmen’s family also arranged to have a My Little Pony cake made “with a lot of icing,” and a special dinner.
Regarding continuing her second grade classwork, Karmen says that she likes to be able to see her teacher Mrs. Wientjes and her classmates during their Zoom classtime. “We do our math and read books,” said Karmen. We can read online.
Onida firefighters responded with lights and sirens -not to help put out the candles on the birthday cakes, but to add a bit of flair to the birthday celebrations of Zander Solem, Jonathan Stumpf, and Mallory Wiley.