Lexie Marshall pictured next to the mural she created for Onida’s swimming pool.

Onida’s very own pool has been a place for kids to take a swim and cool off during the hot summer weather. It’s also home to a brand-new artistic mural for everyone’s eyes to see, created by Lexie Marshall.

Newly-graduated daughter of Cliff and Penny Marshall, Lexie, despite showcasing such tremendous skill, has only done two art classes in her lifetime, those being art and graphic design, both taken with Wanda Meyer. Her graphic design class relies more on electronics such as computers, which she likes more than the traditional style. When working with traditional art, Lexie uses colored pencils, which is what she used to create an owl.

Lexie was approached by Keanan Johnson, new manager of the pool, to create a sign for the pool. After accepting the challenge, she finished a concept to show Keanan, to which he responded, “Yeah, that’s cool!”

Lexie thought she could do better with the sign, so she began brainstorming ideas, then drawing them. It took two drafts until Lexie had a final design, which is her normal process. Every time Lexie thinks of a new idea, she creates drafts until she reaches a final product. Lexie has also used her artistic ability commercially, as she once created an ad for the Prairie Pages.

Lexie plans on pursuing media design at Southeast Tech in Sioux Falls to become a graphic artist, she plans to stick around the town for a few years. Lexie sees her artistic opportunity as ‘wide open’ as many people have told her, putting her passion to work. Lexie believes that her studies will be more computer-based in the future.