Terrence Talley

Not one, but two groups of motivational speakers and musicians greeted the students of Sully Buttes with more messages and lyrics of encouragement.

Setting the virtual stage was 10 Talents, an indie pop rock band hailing from Michigan and Northwestern Ohio, formed around the idea of using their gifts and abilities to positively affect other people. The band played their latest single, “Muddy Water.”

Introduced after the performance was motivational speaker Terrence Tally, who grew up in the Twin Cities. Terrence has traveled around the country for over seven years to speak to audiences of all ages, using his stories about fatherhood and life to inspire all to, “Never Give Up.”

One story shared by Terrence was overcoming his fear of heights, by participating in a tandem jump for skydiving, in which two people are strapped together, the student and the instructor, while the instructor operates the parachute. After requesting to back out due to a lack of money, one friend voluntarily paid for him to perform the tandem jump. The story about jumping from sky-high towards the ground is where his signature phrase, “I got your back,” was created.

“This is a weird time right now, and it can be scary.” said Terrence, “No matter where you are, we got your back. I am here because somebody wanted to let you know that I got your back.”

Terrence has also assisted several students with issues involving family, from helping a young audience member search for his lost older brother at a McDonald’s, to consoling a girl with a tissue always in her hands due to a rough family.

After Terrence’s tales, the focus of the presentation was shifted back to 10 Talents as the members performed a new single, “Don’t Let Go,” a song written “for anyone out there who is thinking of letting go, to tell you, Don’t Let Go.”

A virtual concert followed on the same day at 8 PM.