Plans to travel to Mobridge for Small Group Contest on February 12 were foiled by foul weather, so Vocal and Instrumental Music instructor Erica Paxton arranged for a judge to come to Onida to hear Sully Buttes’ soloists and ensembles.

“It was all 1’s and 2’s for scoring,” said Guthmiller. “Our judge was Dale Fiedler from Redfield, he does our judging at the actual Region Contest.” Guthmiller says that Fiedler stayed after the student performances “worked with the band on playing techniques and helping them with their concert music.”

In rating the musicians, the judge considered preparedness, sound production, and quality of tone, performance. Students earning a I, indicating a Superior performance were: Brianna Fanger, Clarinet Solo; Flute Trio-Karissa Osterkamp, Mallory Wiley, Adeline Forgey; Collin Bradberry, Trumpet Solo; Dohrion Eisterhold, Trumpet Solo; Mixed Vocal Group-Karissa Osterkamp, Gracie Olivier, Jill Hofer, Gracie Dimmitt, Brianna Fanger, Angela Guthmiller, Trichelle White, Mallory Wiley, Thomas Farries, Landon Hepker, Griffin Petersen, Darion Osterkamp; Jordan Schall, Baritone Solo; Alto Sax Duet-Angela Guthmiller and Landon Severson; Angela Guthmiller, Alto Sax Solo; Trumpet Duet-Justin Davey and Darion Osterkamp; Reese Voorhees, Baritone Solo; Lydia Hill, Xylophone Solo; Drum Ensemble-Garrett Petersen, Joe Fanger, Griffin Petersen, Jesse Schall; Percussion Ensemble-Gabby McQuirk, Jill Hofer, Gracie Olivier, Lydia Hill, Trichelle White

Students earning a II, indicating an Excellent performance were: Girls Vocal Ensemble-Avery Weinheimer, Angela Guthmiller, Brianna Fanger, Karissa Osterkamp, Saige Heath, Gracie Dimmitt, Trichelle White, Jill Hofer, Lydia Hill; Taryn Kenzy, Clarinet Solo; Flute Duet-Karissa Osterkamp and Mallory Wiley