At Christmastime, the homemade nativity that started her collection  is displayed on the corner hutch in Becky Lamb’s dining room.

For members of the Christian faith, Christmas is the day to celebrate the birth of Jesus Christ and spend time with friends and family. Part of what makes the holidays so festive are the decorations and lighting that adorn homes throughout the season.

Elegant entertaining inspired Yackley

Elaine Yackley recalls that as a young family, she and husband Bob had little to spend on going out. “Bob was a Vo-Ag instructor at Willow Lake and Clark,” said Elaine. “The teachers all got together at someone’s home after sporting events.” At one home in particular, “one lady – probably the same age as I am now – her house was always so decorated. I said to Bob, ‘When we can afford a little more, I want to be able to decorate my house the way she did.’”

Homemade gift

started Lamb’s collection

It was when she was describing her find at the Emma Lamb estate sale this summer that Becky Lamb revealed she has a small collection of nativities. “The first day, I saw a porcelain sheep,” said Becky. “It had a stamp that said it was part of the Avon Nativity Collectibles, but I couldn’t imagine what I’d do with just a sheep.”

The next day, a box came out of storage with the entire collection “except the sheep,” and was brought to the estate sale tables. Becky purchased the collection and says that she might go online to buy the missing piece.

“It actually has some extra pieces,” said Becky of the nativity, which, while short the sheep, includes the innkeeper, extra angels, and a pair of praying children.

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