One of the many coinciding matches that took place during the beginning of the rock, paper, scissors tourney.

As a gift for their constant academic efforts, the staff of the ABO School District let various students off the hook early during the last hour of school on Friday, February 19th, where they were led to the gym to partake in two random and packed games.

Before the games commenced, however, introducing the students to the Friday games was Gary Washechek with his own rap lyrics to an original song, ‘Fun Friday.’

The first game to take place was the classic rock, paper, scissors, but not the ordinary hand game. The game turned into a quick tourney as students all around the gym picked partners that would battle it out. Once one game was over, the winner would battle another winner and so on. The final winner of the game was Aurora Solem.

After the battle royale of rocks, papers, and scissors, a shoe stacking contest was held. Students were paired randomly as they tried to stack their shoes and create a tower tall enough to be dubbed the winner.