To commemorate FCCLA week, all students involved in FCCLA activities partook in a group photo.

Valentine’s Day has already come and gone, but before students shared treats and others shared love, Sully Buttes FCCLA gave some love to the community and inspired others to mimic the meaning of all five letters of FCCLA via the latest community appreciation project, FCCLA week.

During FCCLA week, the community came together to recognize all of the areas of FCCLA, as in encouraging others to remember the meaning of the letters. Monday was Family day, where members were encouraged and challenged everyone to spend an evening with their family eating a meal together. Tuesday was Community day, where the members created small goodie bags and distributed them to local businesses as a way of recognizing their contributions to the school district.

Wednesday the members recognized the Family and Consumer Science (FACS) classes and how they impact the school. Thursday was Career Day, where in FCCLA, students have the opportunity to investigate and learn more about different career options. On Friday, the letter L was recognized for Leadership, as students have the opportunity to develop and learn leadership skills that will contribute to their success in the future.