Jackie Yackley

Jackie Yackley has for the past 25 years been one of the faces at Sunrise Bank Dakota.

Yackley started at the bank in 1993 in the back room as a computer operator, and then she became a teller in the drive up. “You have to learn all parts of the bank,” said Yackley. Over time, Yackley transitioned to new accounts while continuing as a teller, “and then in 2003, I started as an internal auditor at the bank.” She became certified as the internal auditor in 2008.

Calling the process of getting certified “kind of a long project,” Yackley says that “I like things to balance. I like to match numbers. It drives people crazy sometimes, but it has to match.”

As the internal auditor, Yackley makes sure regulations are being followed. “When bank examiners come, it’s good to have things ready.”

“I love it,” said Yackley. “I like to dig into figures and numbers and make sure they balance.”

Yackley got her start in East Sully. “I’ve always been from here,” said Yackley. “I grew up on a farm 17 miles northeast of Onida, and spent all my years in the country.” She first attended Fairview country school, and then Richvalley “until 7th grade, then we came to town for school. That’s when they closed a lot of the country schools.”

Yackley says that there were only two or three students in each grade during her grade school years. “Kindergarten was two weeks,” said Yackley. “First graders got to go up front and do their own thing. Older kids got to write math problems for little kids,” which Yackley says combined to keep the older kids busy while the younger kids were learning. “We memorized nursery rhymes, and then you had to recite from memory whatever nursery rhyme was drawn from a hat.”

Looking back on her country school days, Yackley remembers spelling bees and Blaine field day, when all the country schools got together at the Blaine School. Eventually, the Richvalley school was moved to the fairgrounds where it serves as the alumni building.

Once in junior high, Yackley joined with her peers in doing “everything,” a necessity in small schools. She was in band, and although sports weren’t as pervasive for girls as now, she was in track, basketball, and in her senior year “the school started volleyball.”

A predictor of her future at the bank, “I took accounting in high school,” said Yackley. “My senior year, the school purchased Accounting II books. There were two of us in Accounting II.”

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