Brittany Gilbertson

Brittany Gilbertson says that in addition to her interactions with customers, she appreciates having the flexibility the job offers for her family. “Carrey [Smalley] caters towards family, and I am very thankful for that, since my husband travels a lot for work, sometimes going out of state for two weeks or more,” said Brittany. “She’s very good at helping me with my schedule.”

Brittany was raised in the Kimball-Chamberlain area, and has been a resident of Onida for three years.

Along with her husband Garrett, who grew up in Onida and now works for Lankenau Construction, Brittany’s family includes her three sons.

“For a while, I was a stay-at-home mom,” said Brittany. “I was commuting to Pierre and back for daycare when I started here, but now I have daycare in Blunt.”

A plan is in motion for Garrett to adopt her oldest son Teagan, a Kimball Elementary second grader, who was born when she was in high school, at which time he’ll join his family in Onida.

Brittany describes herself as more of a server or a bartender type of person, and likes cooking over operating the cash register because “I like staying busy.”

She was taken by surprise when business got slower at The Corner after harvest was over, since she is used to being constantly busy. “When it comes to winter, it gets quieter.” said Brittany.

Brittany relates that another reason she doesn’t “really like being on the till, because it’s hard for me to strike conversation with people when it’s a quick ‘there and gone.’” She says that she’s getting to know more people, but still has a hard time putting names to faces.

“We’re big gamers,” said Brittany of her free time. “We really like to play video games, but in the summertime is when we really like to hit the beach, and go to the river if we have time.”