Erin is pictured with her dog Boy and her sculpture Poppa Wheelie. Initially, Erin created Poppa out of clay. He had a mishap in the kiln; after repairing him, Erin combined him with scrap wood, bondo and the scorched frame of the bicycle her nieces and...

Agar native Erin Asmussen has been invited to be part of an art show at the Washington Pavilion. The show is open March 11, 2023-August 19, 2023, with an official opening date of May 5, 2023.

In a June 2022 Watchman feature story, Erin revealed that she had been invited to show her work at the Washington Pavilion. “I was floored, and I’m just so excited to show my work there.” Erin’s work will be on display in the Washington Pavilion’s Visual Arts Center.

She describes her genre as “pop surrealism,” but says she can also create realistic works. “I’m pretty versatile.”

“The art that naturally flows out of me is a lot more unusual, but I like to do both surrealism and realism. It’s good exercise for your brain.”

As part of the courthouse dome restoration, Erin is creating sculptures for the statuary niches, based on figures in the paintings in the dome, which will eventually be part of her Washington Pavilion show.

“It’s a big opening,” said Erin. “It’s a six month show, and I will be there for every event.”