Brooke Jacquot will operate her Little Deer’s Daycare out of her home starting Monday, August 24.

Brooke Jacquot of Onida has announced that she will begin a new family daycare business in her own home on Monday, August 24. The daycare will be cutely named ‘Little Deer’s Daycare.’

Jacquot grew up in Sioux Falls, and met her husband, Onida native Todd Jacquot while attending college in Rapid City.

Because of her love of animals, Jacquot went to school for veterinary assisting. “I love my animals, I’ve had cats and dogs growing up, that was always my thing. Unfortunately, there’s just not a lot of pay for an assistant versus a tech in the veterinary business, and when you’re raising a family you have to take that into consideration.” says Jacquot.

After their first child was born, they decided to move to Onida as it wasn’t a part of a big city. She’s mostly been known for working at Lamb’s Chevy.

“I’ve been babysitting since I was 13 or 14 years old,” said Jacquot. “I had a family that lived across the street from us with two kids that I started babysitting; the youngest one was two months old. I’ve always enjoyed it and gotten along well with the families.”

Jacquot plans to accept around eight full-time kids in her daycare. “Depending on the age of them too, that’s generally going to be enough to have there all day,” said Jacquot, “I might have a little ‘wiggle room’ on that, it just depends on the age of the kiddos.”

Jacquot went on to say that she doesn’t plan to license the daycare. “I know with licensing there’s a lot of benefits, there’s grants, and reimbursements for meals. But it is harder to do in Onida, just because of some of the state’s restrictions they place on you, like with the number of kids you can have per adult. With the need that Onida does have for daycare, it’s harder to put those restrictions on there.”

Although many parents have expressed interest in Jacquot’s daycare, she still has slots open for kids to accept into the new play place.