Outside the fire hall last Saturday, Randy Johnson fills a jug with the hand sanitizer Ringneck Energy donated to the community.

As part of its arrangement to provide alcohol to Badlands Distillery for production of hand sanitizer, Ringneck Energy has made available to the community 250 gallons in order to combat the coronavirus.

“Ringneck Energy contacted the Onida Fire Department about distributing the hand sanitizer at no charge to the community,” said OFD Chief Caleb Shepherd.

The first distribution of the sanitizer was last Saturday. “Moving forward, we’ll be at the fire hall each Saturday from 1:00-3:00 p.m. to assist with dispensing the hand sanitizer,” said Shepherd.

Households bringing their own container are limited to one gallon of sanitizer and businesses including farms bringing their own containers are limited to five gallons. “We don’t have any containers at the fire hall, so you’ll have to bring your own,” said Shepherd. “Just fill a jug, and sign in so we know where it’s going.” Shepherd adds that containers should be labeled properly.

“Thanks to Ringneck Energy for providing the hand sanitizer people need to combat COVID-19.”