The City Crew’s Tim Gruis hangs the traditional Christmas greeting decoration across Ash Avenue Tuesday morning.

Although the decoration expresses the same sentiment it has since the original was purchased in the early 1960s, the new greeting decoration will glow brighter as it is lit with LED lights. Additionally, the new greeting is flanked by poinsettia decorations instead of scrolls as in the past. The photo insert from a year ago shows the scrolls. High school drivers historically refer to the message as LEON.

City Superintendent Tim Jost says that the decorations hung from the light poles along Main Street have been restrung with LED lights to match the new greeting decoration. Some older decorations have been resurrected to hang on the poles by the City Park.

Noel is French for ‘Christmas,’ and instead of wishing each other ‘Merry Christmas,’ people in French speaking countries greet each other with ‘Joyeux Noël.’