When voters head to the polls on Tuesday, they will cast their ballots to select new elected officials and determine the fate of initiated measures.

On the ballot are US Senatorial candidates Brian L. Bengs (D), Tamara J Lesnar (L), and John R. Thune (R).

For US Represenatative, voters will be choosing from Collin Duprel (L) or Dusty Johnson (R).

For Governor and Lieutenant Governor, voters will choose for one team from among Jamie Smith for Governor and Jennifer Keintz for Lieutenant Governor (Democratic Party); Tracy Quint for Governor and Ashley Strand for Lieutenant Governor (Libertarian Party); and Kristi Noem for Governor and Larry Rhoden for Lieutenant Governor (Republican party.

Voters will choose between Thomas A Cool (D) and Monae Johnson (R) for South Dakota Secretary of State.

Ballots will either be left blank or cast for Marty Jackley (R), the only candidate for South Dakota Attorney General.

For State Auditor, voters will choose from among Stephanie Marty (D), Rene Meyer (L), and Richard Sattgast (R).

Candidates for State Treasurer are John Cunningham (D) and Josh Haeder (R).

Candidates for Commissioner of School and Public Lands are Democrat Timothy Azure and Repbulican Brock Greenfield.

For Public Utilities Commissioner, voters will choose between Jeffrey Barth (D) or Chris Nelson (R).

To represent District 24, voters determine to leave blank their ballot or choose from the only candidates, Republicans Jim Mehlhaff for Senate and Mike Weisgram and Will D. Mortenson for House.

On the non-political ballot, voters will decide whether to retain South Dakota Supreme Court justices Patrica J. DeVaney and Mark E. Salter. Judicial candidates for Six Circuit positions A, B, C, and D are Christina Klinger, Margo Northrup, M. Bridget Mayer, and Bobbi J. Rank respectively.

Constitutional Amendment D, An initiated amendment to the South Dakota Constitution expanding Medicaid eligibility is on the ballot as is Initiated Measure 27 legalizing the possession, use, and distribution of marijuana.

Ballots may be cast at any of three vote centers in Sully County from 7:00 a.m. to 7:00 p.m. on Election Day, Tuesday, November 8. Vote centers are located at the Floyd County Shop, 28342 188th Street, Pierre; Agar Community Fire Hall, 120 Ash Street, Agar; and the Sully County Phoenix Center, 117 S Main Street, Onida.