The Onida City Council at their regular meeting Monday, voted to pay the Central South Dakota Enhancement District $2,500 to conduct a study of housing needs in the community. The information gleaned from the study will be used in applications for American Rescue Plan Act (ARPA) monies and other grants the city is exploring for installing infrastructure in the Wickersham Addition to the city.

City Attorney Emily Sovell explained to the council that Liz Steptoe, who had recently joined the Sovell Law Office, had resigned her position. Sovell’s practice has grown to the point that she must eliminate some of her obligations, and to that end she resigned as city attorney. Sovell agreed to reach out to potential replacements on behalf of the city, and interviews for a new city attorney will be conducted as soon as possible.

Storm water runoff continues to inundate the properties of homeowners in the southwest part of Onida during major rainfall events. City Superintendent Tim Jost reported that he had reached out to the contractor doing box culvert work for Sully County about acquiring pre-cast box culverts for the canal that runs along Elm Avenue in the 500 block before turning south along the railroad grade. Jost said that the current estimate for the culverts is $25,000 for January delivery. He suggested a survey of the area be done to determine possible impact on private property of culvert installation. To facilitate water flow until the culverts can be installed, spraying weeds by the city crew will be followed up with burning them off by the Onida Fire Department.

On behalf of the Onida Cemetery board, Patty McGee asked if it was possible for the city crew to remove some concrete debris from the cemetery to the city landfill; the city crew will pick up the debris by November. McGee says that the cemetery board is opening the east end of the cemetery and arrangements have been made to have that portion of the cemetery surveyed and platted.

BankWest Insurance’s Ann Hepker presented 2023 rates for the city’s current health insurance plan and presented options for a family plan benefit. It being budget time, the council will examine the options available to them and select a plan before the turn of the year. Aflac’s Karla Kendrick likewise presented supplement insurance options including cancer policies, accident policies, and guaranteed life policies.

In other business the council heard the report of the city crew; approved the transfer of a liquor license from Brewster’s Tavern and Grill to 258 Grub and Pub; heard first reading of an ordinance setting rates for mowing nuisance lawns at $250/man hour; approved building permits for 902 E Dogwood and 709 Circleline Dr; approved a lease agreement with Sully County Weed and Pest; tabled a lease agreement with the Sully County Fair board for the ball field; and tabled consideration of placing a Keloland camera on the watertower.