Sunrise Insurance’s Nick Wiley

Searching for a job in the new age is a tougher task, as many businesses have been closing or taking extra precautions amidst the pandemic. As for Nick Wiley, he was just in time to secure a post at Sunrise Insurance of Onida.

A graduate of Sully Buttes in 2017, Nick returned to the community with the Ag Consumer Financial Services degree he earned at Lake Area Tech.

He returned to Onida and started working at Sunrise Bank in May 2019. He moved to insurance in 2020.

“I’ve been working at Sunrise Insurance since March,” said Nick, who explains he had worked “on and off” with insurance prior to joining Sunrise.

March proved to be a busy month for Nick as he married his wife Raechael, a bookkeeper at Lamb’s Chevy, just five days after starting at Sunrise. Also at the same time, the pandemic “blew through.”

Nick says he is still working to complete his insurance exams. As an insurance agent-in-training for Sunrise, Nick says he sells the “usual property and casualty lines, auto, homeowners, health, and life insurance.”

“I enjoy it,” said Nick. “It’s new stuff every day. It’s not the same old stuff, it goes on the fly. You never know when somebody is going to come in and need something.” Nick says he particularly enjoys the challenge of researching insurance products in order to find the right insurance for a person’s needs.

Nick is a working man, and in addition to working at Sunrise Insurance, he also works at Don’s Food Center. Nick and Raechael recently bought a home, and Nick says that they’ve taken on home improvements. “We’re still not done,” said Nick. “The projects never end.”

During what he has of free time, Nick enjoys the outdoors, and has spent time this fall in the field hunting deer. He and Raechael also spend time at the River.