Amanda Maier

Amanda Maier will soon mark her first year of working as a teller at BankWest.

“I started working at BankWest on October 15, 2019,” says Maier, “so I’m coming up on my one year! After that… I’m not sure. I’m hoping to be here for another sixteen.”

Maier was born in Bismarck, ND, and raised in Onida. She followed her Sully Buttes graduation with a year at Black Hills State.

She moved to North Carolina, and after three years, Maier moved back to Onida where she has lived ever since.

Although the COVID-19 pandemic may have affected businesses around the world and how they work, Maier has no concerns, describing it as, “A change for sure. I don’t see nearly as many people as before, but I still get to deal with people. I love the ‘people’ part of my job.” Maier continues to describe the experience as a learning experience, where she likes doing it all. “Every day is a new day and there’s not one day the same,” said Maier.

Her time with the bank has taught Maier that there is more to banking than what she had originally thought. “There’s a lot of background stuff, and a lot of information that goes into having a checking account,” said Maier.

Even though she has been working at the bank and learning the ropes for a year now, Maier says that “I still need to learn a lot of things, but for the most part, I think I have a good majority of it down.”

Her position with BankWest offers flexibility. “I get off at 4:30, I get weekends and holidays off, so I have more free time to spend with my son Jameson than I have before,” said Maier.

“We do a lot on our free time, whether it’s riding bikes or playing cards, we do a little bit of everything,” said Maier of her time outside the bank. “We’re also planning a trip up to North Dakota to visit my brother and his wife and kids as well, so we have something big to look forward to.”