Len Albright is the artist behind the Charger mascot. He was among the Blunt students who began attending the newly consolidated Sully Buttes High School in the fall of 1970. Len rediscovered his original artwork during a tour of the school over the wee...

“I was part of the first invasion from the south,” said Sully Buttes alum Len Albright about the first year Onida High School and Blunt High School consolidated to become Sully Buttes High School.

Among the items the new Sully Buttes student body resolved when joining forces was designing a new mascot.

“My sister Lottie won the contest to name the mascot, the Charger,” said Len. “I was kind of artsy in school, and somebody found out about me.”

Len says that he drew the Charger horse and lightning bolt onto an 8x10 sheet of typing paper, “and then we laid it on a projector in shop up against the wall. We had two pieces of plywood arranged that where the horse fit on it, and I drew a line, we cut it out, painted it up, and there it is.”

Taking part in the Saturday morning school tour, Len says that he was glad to see his design still hanging in the gymnasium. “In my mind, the horse was facing the other way,” said Len.

Len continued his ‘artsy’ ways into adulthood. He today is a maker of custom saddles. “I make about eight saddles a year,” said Len. “They’re hand tooled and everything.” Len examines both the rider and the horse the saddle will go on in designing his saddles. “I look at the horse, the length of the rider’s legs and how big they are” to make his custom saddles.

“My tax return says I’m a horse shoer,” said Len, who makes his home in Phoenix Arizona. “This is the first class reunion I’ve attended, and I’ve really enjoyed it. It’s been a total blessing.”

Tongue in cheek Len adds, “Maybe someday I’ll come back with a custom saddle I’ve made to put on the Charger horse!”