Heather Nuttall Westover

After decades spent hiding whenever she found herself in an embarrassing situation, Heather Nuttall Westover says that it was when “I became comfortable with myself and my whole package,” she began posting her cringe-worthy moments on Facebook.

“I had people I didn’t know but whose Facebook friend request I had accepted come up to me and tell me that the stories I was posting get them through their day,” said Westover. “I wondered if I could get my stories out to a bigger audience, so one day I decided to write a book.”

Her book is her journey of turning 50, “looking back over my life and how I became the woman I am today.”

The Sully Buttes graduate makes her home in Tulsa, OK with her husband Corey, also a Sully Buttes grad. They have five daughters and one son and three grandchildren.

She says that throughout her adulthood, “I’d get myself into the worst situations that I was powerless to stop and start panicking. I call those my ‘Lucille Ball’ moments.”

Westover has discovered that writing “is what I should have done had I gone to college. Writing gets my blood pumping.”

In her new career, Westover says she intends to “bring people joy and hope and help them learn to accept themselves as a total package which is beautiful even if parts are embarrassing.”

Through her publisher, New Degree Press, Westover enrolled in the Book Creators writing program developed by Georgetown University. “It takes longer than self-publishing, but it has been invaluable,” said Westover. “Professor Eric Koester walks authors through author headspace, how to get content, and set a scene.” Through the four week course, Westover gained insight into getting into an “author’s headspace.”

She spent twelve weeks on content creation with an assignment of writing 25,000 words by September 13. “I’m well past that, and the publishing company has given the green light for my book to be published.”

In spite of receiving criticism for overuse of exclamation marks from her Development Editor Katy Sigler, (Westover notes, “She’s not giving me enough credit for not using emojis.”) her book, to be titled ‘Growing Old One Lucille Ball Moment at a Time,’ is in copy editing and receiving final revisions.

“It’s anecdotes of life – more like a memoir, and hopefully people will read through it,” said Westover. Due to the nature of her book, Westover has been recommended for the speaking workshop tour to coincide with her book tour, a niche she fill comfortable filling.

She has also been invited to narrate an audiobook titled ‘After the West’ that will be out by Christmas. “It will be fun to have that on my resume.”

In the second half of life, I’m headed to writing books and speaking when invited,” said Westover. “I’m on offense every day of my life and purposeful to make tomorrow happen. I look for the funny – if you don’t look for it, you won’t find it.”

The presale for ‘Growing Old One Lucille Ball Moment at a Time’ starts November 22. Orders can be placed through all of Westover’s social media sites an at www.heathernuttallwestover.com.