Kim Wickum and Rory Mennenger

Rory Mennenger and Kim Wickum are taking to heart the ‘and more’ element of their business name – Crazy B’s Tees and More – with the addition of greeting cards, balloons, giftware and wine to their product lineup.

“We have the same things we’ve always had, embroidery, wall words, decals, signs, banners and t-shirts, but we’re expanding our product line,” said Kim.

The expansion is slated to coincide with Valentine’s Day, when they’ll have a number of specials. “We request you pre-order, because supplies are limited, but we have lots of balloons, and balloon bouquet specials,” said Rory. “We’re going to have an open house and wine tasting on Friday, February 12 from 4:00-7:00 p.m., and we’ll be open on Saturday, February 13 for people to do their Valentine’s Day shopping.” They won’t be able to sell wine until they have their license in hand, which they expect to receive by the 12th. Even if the license is delayed, they will be giving away free samples during their open house.

Kim and Rory say that with Vilas closing, “we wanted to try to offer more services and products that Vilas offered to the community – we want to offer them in our store,” including balloons, greeting cards, and giftware.

“We’re going to have specials during all of Valentine’s weekend and spend the whole of the weekend kicking off our new product line,” said Kim.

“We hope you’ll come in and shop our Valentine’s holiday open house,” said Rory.

In addition to the Valentine’s specials, Kim and Rory remind everyone that Crazy B’s is the place to pick up purple and gold Chargers gear. “We’re also going to carry more for birthday and wedding gifts for last minute shoppers.” Some of their new items are lavender scented warmies which when heated in the microwave are “awesome for toothaches.” Euroscrubbies are another new item they’ve added to their lineup, “good for scrubbing bugs of cars, cleaning potatoes, an all-over cleaning product.”

Kim and Rory carry items developed by locals including Grassland Gourmet mixes and Something Beautiful jewelry.

Along with the expanded product line, Kim and Rory are planning on expanding their hours of operation, “But we haven’t determined when we’re going to start that,” said Rory, adding a reminder that people can reach out by text to place their orders, too. “If our lights are on, we’re open. Just knock on the door.”