The Sully Buttes Class of 2021: Blaine Duffel, Peyton Peery, Logan Chambers, Blaine Hill, Teagan Jost, Kash Weischedel, Colton Miles, Justin Davey, Dohrion Eisterhold, Rafe Wientjes, Landon Severson, Garrett Petersen, Zach Farries, Sedric Perkins, Sully Paxton, JJ Soderholm, Caleb Chicoine, Lane Meyers, Jill Hofer, Gracie Oliver, Karissa Osterkamp, and Gracie Dimmitt

The Sully Buttes Class of 2021 will take their final walk as Sully Buttes students when they cross the stage to receive their diplomas and become SBHS Alumni this Saturday, May 22 during commencement exercises in the Sully Buttes gymnasium. The ceremony will begin at 1:00 p.m. with Senior Class President Landon Severson giving the welcome.

Vickie Lentz, who teaches senior capstone and advises FCCLA, will give the address. A Power Point presentation commemorating the Class of 2021’s time as ABO students will be a highlight of the ceremony.

Valedictorian Zach Farries and Salutatorian Garrett Petersen will speak. Caleb Chicoine and Blaine Duffel will give closing remarks.

Scholarships will be presented by Guidance Counselor Kris Sweeter, the graduates will be announced by Secondary Principal Jeremy Chicoine, diplomas will be presented by ABO Board of Education members Melani Paiz and Kimberley Farries and Superintendent Kevin Pickner

“Together, we have experienced life. Separately, we will pursue our dreams. Forever, our memories will remain,” are the words the class has chosen as their motto. Carnation is the class flower, and the class colors are silver, purple and black.

Class advisors were Jackie Aspelin, Bea Stough, and Mary Jo Stier.

Each graduate will have a tote in the lobby for cards and gifts.

Following commencement exercises, the graduates will parade down Main Street.

Members of the class of 2021 are: Logan Chambers, Caleb Chicoine, Justin Davey, Gracie Dimmitt, Blaine Duffel, Dohrion Eisterhold, Zach Farries, Blaine Hill, Jill Hofer, Teagan Jost, Colton Miles, Lane Myers, Gracie Olivier, Karissa Osterkamp, Sully Paxton, Payton Peery, Sedric Perkins, Garrett Petersen, Landon Severson, JJ Soderholm, Kash Weischedel, and Rafe Wientjes.