Harvest is in full production and Justin Hinckley asked photographer LaJena Gruis to capture scenes south of Onida.

The 2020 harvest has started, and there are very promising results coming from Tim Luiken, the manager of Oahe Grain and Corey Hildebrandt, new manager of CHS Midwest Co-op.

Luiken says that at the time frame of July 13th to 20th, there was an average of 61 pounds in test weight and protein from 11-8. Oahe Grain has been yielding between fifteen to one hundred bushels, with an average of 75, being labeled as a really good crop.

There was no significant impact on the harvest made by last Monday’s excessive rain shower, other than stopping it temporarily.

“Right now, we’re full of storage on winter wheat,” says Luiken, “whether or not we accept wheat will depend on the railroad, since we only ship out by rail.”

Hildebrandt says that the first load for harvest was brought in “around the 10th or the 8th,” and that the test weights have been good. The test weights were around 85.5.

There are no breaks or delays expected to be taken for winter wheat and spring wheat. Hildebrandt says that winter wheat is currently 70 -80% complete, and that there are now loads in Onida. CHS has received 380 bushels on Friday, Saturday, and Sunday, which has come to be half a million bushels as of now.

Regarding capacity, Hildebrandt says that they were getting full, and attempting to get more rail cars to make room for spring wheat. CHS is switching some corn beds to make room for spring wheat, and as long as the railroad delivers, there should be no delay with the producer.