Sully County Highway Dept to maintain portion of Cherry

Under an agreement with the City of Onida, the Sully County Highway Department will maintain Cherry Avenue from their shop - the yellow building in the background of this picture - on 9th Street to 11th Street/Old Highway 83.

An agreement between the City of Onida and Sully County authorizes the county highway department to maintain the portion of Cherry Avenue from the highway shop on 9th Street east to 11th Street/Old Highway 83.

Because that portion of Cherry carries county trucks as they leave the shop to maintain roads throughout the county, the Sully County Highway Department will periodically run a blade over and shape the street.

Under the terms of the agreement, ‘The county shall be authorized to assist the city with the blading, grading and improvement of designated roads; any significant change in grade or work that would require road closure shall be coordinated between the parties prior to initiating the work; city shall not be required to pay compensation to county for blading, grading or improvements conducted in exchange; county shall perform operations for general maintenance without prior approval of city, but shall coordinate regular inspections with the City Maintenance Manager or other designated official of the city so as to ensure the designated roads remain in consistent repair as surrounding city roadways.’

The agreement does not include the portion of Cherry west of the county shop.