Kayla Luce

The Corner is Onida’s one-stop station for gas, food, snacks, and most importantly: friendly faces.

A graduate of Lake Area Tech, Kayla Luce’s background in making pizza and working in convenience stores led to her position at the Corner. “When we made the decision to move here from Watertown, I began training at The Corner,” said Kayla. “I’ve worked at gas stations since I was 16 and I started working at Godfather’s Pizza when I was 14.”

Originally from Aberdeen and then a Watertown resident for over ten years, Kayla followed up her high school graduation by pursuing a degree in cosmetology at Lake Area Tech. Kayla says that a bad back keeps her from using her training, but she still cuts hair for close friends and family members.

Kayla makes her home in Onida with Sully Buttes alum Phillip Gilliland and their nearly year old son Marcus. They became engaged this year on Halloween and intend to wait a couple of years before tying the knot.

“I love living here!” said Kayla. “I don’t like how there aren’t that many job opportunities here, but, it’s a small town. Completely understandable. A lot of the people are really nice, and that’s what I really like. In Watertown, you have a lot of different people you don’t get to personally know.”

In her role as a cashier at The Corner, Kayla demonstrates the customer service she likes to receive. “One thing I love most about my job is the people,” said Kayla. “I love a lot of my coworkers, too. The interaction with other people is what I like to do.”