Phase II of street project scheduled to begin next year

By Marileen Tilberg, Editor

During their September 3rd meeting, the city council voted to proceed with Phase II of their water and sewer project. Phase I of the $7.7 million project began last summer, with completion to be finished by September 22, 2019.

Phase II will commence next spring with 22 blocks of water lines and 36 blocks of sanitary sewer lines scheduled for replacement, including 47 manholes and re-paving of those streets. See map on page 8 of this issue.

The City of Onida received a $1,426,000 Clean Water State Revolving Fund loan, a $2,000,000 Consolidated Grant and a $320,000 Water Quality Grant to fund the sanitary sewer project. Rural Development and the City of Onida will provide the remaining funding to complete the sanitary sewer funding package. The city also received a $750,000 Drinking Water State Revolving Fund loan with 46.0 percent principal forgiveness not to exceed $345,000 for the water project. The Drinking Water SRF loan has a 2.75 percent interest rate for 30 years. The city was also awarded a $1,250,000 Consolidated Grant.

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