Nothing is stopping the Sully County Fair from having it’s now 98th annual celebration, but with that continuation comes regulation.

Fair board president Curt Reich says that in light of the COVID-19 pandemic, hand sanitizer stations will be strategically placed all around the fairgrounds. Reich also says that bathrooms will be frequently sanitized as well.

As for social distancing, Reich said, “It’s entirely up to everyone that comes. We are not forcing anyone to stand six feet away from each other.”

Reich states that there will not be limited attendance through ticket sales of grand stand events, but that fairgoers are to use common sense and follow recommendations such as wearing masks as much as possible in order to stop the spread of the virus.

As the dates for the 98th Sully County Fair draw near, fair board member Gerri Carpenter says that anyone who is uneasy about attending the event should stay home. “If you feel comfortable, we’d love to have you at the fair, but if not, we understand, and hope you’ll stay home,” said Carpenter.

Carpenter says that Ringneck Energy donated hand sanitizer for the fair, so there will be several sanitizing stations throughout the fairgrounds, with spray bottles of the liquid sanitizer available. “We won’t have any masks to hand out, so people should bring their own.”

Fairgoers are in charge of their own COVID-19 enforcement. Social distancing is encouraged, but not required, and it is hoped that everyone who attends will do so with a spirit of complaint-free grace. “We each have to do what we feel comfortable with,” said Carpenter.